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Securely gather contacts' preferences     
We deliver on best channel for each contact
Save time: Filter responses intelligently   
Improve with communication analysis  

One stop communication center

Reach your audience faster

With SmartNotify, in just one click, you can reach your audience on multiple channels (Phone, Email, SMS, Social, IoT) and better track and monitor responses.

For sensitive information, you can also create Private Groups, invite the right people and keep your communications to yourselves.

Real-time analysis

Information you can act on

There is always a reason behind communication.Identify trends, locations, and content that will help you better communicate with your audience, make sure your message gets delivered, and engage with stakeholders faster. Smarter.

Mobile Ready

Communication on the move

Pushing information is not that complex.
But what if you could mix information push with other data points including mobility, context, and geo-facts?

In an age when we are flooded with messages, the successful companies are the ones who figure out who NOT to contact.

SmartNotify shows you how!

Fits your Information System

Simple API Integration

Do you already have a CRM in place such as SalesForce, Sugar, or Microsoft Dynamics? Maybe you are already using several of Esri's technology (we partner with them!) Bottom line is that you should not have to change your systems and your habits to make SmartNotify work for you.

SmartNotify is available as an API so you can use all our functionality from the systems you love.
And if you are anInternet of Things maker or an app developer, you can embark our technology in your product to make them stand out from the crowd in just 10 lines of code.

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