Getting your team to share their prefered communication methods and topics does not have to be complex.
Our onboarding process is simple and works via:
+ Mobile App
+ Website
They have the control of how much information they want to share and when they want to share it.



Simple communication

Team communication should be simple, streamlined, and non-intrusive which is why focusing on the most appropriate channel is key.
Messages can be routed via SMS, Email, Voice, Social Media, and even IoT devices.

Geolocalization and escalation

Don't just send messages based on a specific geolocation, rather make sure that communications can automatically reach (or not!) people based on their location and other context-based events (weather, traffic...)

Stay informed


Communicating with IoT

Communications do not need to solely happen on classical channels. For example, you can use SmartNotify to broadcast information on Alexa in a safe and context sensitive way.

Emergency Communications

Sometimes you just have to make sure an important message gets to its audience but do not have the resources to track everyone individually. SmartNotify becomes your assistant and goes beyond delivering a message into analyzing responses, triaging messages, and making sure your audience acted on your message the way you wanted.

Keeping safe


What happens when your staff is traveling?


People are harder to reach when traveling, there is no way around it. With SmartNotify you can not only use content and context to better inform them, you can also make sure that their data is automatically secured in case the employee is under duress. Without jeopardizing them.

Your company


Let’s review how SmartNotify helps you better interact with your team.

Preference management

It's super simple for your audience to update and manage their communication preferences. Your data will no longer be stale or inaccurate. This helps you be more pro-active in case of incidents.
You can use this informatino to keep your staff and your data safer, automatically. SmartNotify works even when you sleep!

Integrates with your Information System

The last thing your team should have to do is implement yet another system or database of record. Using SmartNotify's API and integration bridges you can not only keep on using your current I.S. architecture but also use a single, integrated, communication platform.

Get Started in Minutes

SmartNotify is simple to install and pilot. Just drop us a line to get started!