We are heading out to the Esri Sig2016 conference and decided to put together a few fun demos that leverage IoT, connected devices, Intel Edison, and even a RealSense camera.

Rather than doing the usual: "oh! Something's happening to a sensor, better send a message" that you see everywhere, we've taken a reverse approach to show that humans can (and should!) interact with IoT, control them, and leverage that info.

We've created a series of videos showing the build.  Remember to join our YouTube Channel to get our other videos!

Episode 1:   

Let's start with step 1 and our fears of being electrocuted while playing with small relays.

Episode 2:

We are getting into connecting wires, and using the Intel XDK to control the board that manages the relay.  No electrical shock so far so let's say things are progressing well!  If you are interested in the code we use for the demo, make sure you follow us on twitter @smartnotify and this YouTube channel of course!

Episode 3:

So we made it to SIG2016 and took our IoT gizmo out for a spin.  It worked quite well as you can see and we were able to control the IoT device not just from the phone but also from a camera...and a GIS Map (yes, we like to have fun like this).

If you want to see how the build was done, you can check out the videos underneath and also make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel.  We have a lot of new content we are going to push in the coming weeks and months.