Back when I was living in Boulder, my apartment complex had a spa. While a very nice addition for the residents, the spot quickly became a nightmare for all of us in the board of directors of the condo association: Everyday we had to field requests from people thinking the spa was too hot while others thought it was too cold since they could not boiled eggs in it!

Our only salvation was looking at the early temperature readings that we had to map against or electricity bill. Using these data we were able to set a "reasonable" temperature for the glorified bathtub.  If you are an office manager, or run heating and cooling systems in large buildings, you are faced with the same issue. That’s when you quickly realize that you are faced with an uphill battle against two forces:


Collecting data: Because having access to the right equipment to give you the right reading in a meaningful way has been complex up until now.

Cultural beliefs: Everyone has a different viewpoint on what is hot (or cold) and it can often be traced down to our upbringings or value system

Solving this difficult equation is key to becoming more energy efficient, realize savings, and make the planet a better place.

In my discussion with Hermione, we talk about the Purr Devices and some on her ideas on how to resolve the cultural bias.




For facilities managers who want to make the right decisions about heating, Purr is a monitoring system that provides an extraordinary level of detail about the temperature in working buildings. Unlike other monitoring solutions on the market, Purr is easily retrofittable, simple to understand, and can provide data down to the level of each worker’s comfort. 

If you want to read more about Purr, check out this blog page  or even better, join their trial program