Whether it is for fun or for business, when we travel we want to be safe and we want to keep our gear secured!

There is nothing more disheartening than waking up in the middle of a train ride to find that your backpack, and all its content, has been stolen.  And, can you imagine not finding your laptop because someone snagged it?

Since we all love to travel at SmartNotify (hint, it's someone from our team on the picture!)  we decided to apply our technology to help you stay safe and secured when you travel...and your gear to.

Using a BLTE (fancy acronym for Bluetooth low Energy) beacon and our new SmartNotify app, you can secure what matters to you the most.

And, because we hate me-too, and products that have an obvious bottleneck (yeah...apps don't work too well on stolen cell-phones!) we even have figured a way to trigger alerts when your phone is stolen.

Still intrigued?  You can join our early adopter program by visiting our IndiGoGo page