Unless you arrived on this page as a result of a Google search, it is quite unlikely that you ever heard the name Prosopagnosia.

I never did either before talking to Thomas and Martin, both Intel Innovators, who are based in Munich Germany.

They created at side project that will help you experience the world as if you were the Terminator however, the genesis of the project can be traced as well to prosopagnosia, which is a condition that can be summarized as face blindness.


During this chat, we quickly go beyond the technology required to enable the Terminator vision and go into some really fun discussions about data privacy and whether some devices do not need their data to be in the cloud.


And my apologies for the Thomas being cut in half in the video, that's part of us learning some of those video blogging tools. I am sure we will have several new chats with Thomas and Martin in the future anyway! 


General informations about Intel RealSense and their 3D-camera:

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We had different appearances in German TV showing some of our gesture controlled demos. (German language)

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