Gregory was interviewed by IT Expresso. Since it was in French, Here is the English Translation:


What is SmartNotify’s goal ? Is to allow businesses to regain control of their ever increasing communication tools ?

A good way to think of SmartNotify™ is that we are the FedEx of digital communications ! Our customers have important messages they need delivered to their teams, own customers, and partners. So they trust us to deliver the message at the right time, on the right channel.

Businesses realize that effective communication (not just broadcasting a message out, hoping people get it) is becoming increasingly difficult because of the ever increasing number of technologies and communication channels. And managing this layer is not in their best strategic interest. So we take care of this function. Be it emails, phone, text, social media channels, or interacting with devices, SmartNotify offers one intelligent platform to manage communication.


Does this smart notification approach improve conversion rates ? Are there numbers you can share based on your customers’ studies ?

Great question but I cannot give specific numbers because it is a strategic advantage for some of our customers! However, I can share some interesting trends:

+ Tuesday is not the best day to send a mass email!

+ People need to be cleared on what they consider a ‘conversion’ because time, channel, and even more so geolocation will have a tremendous effect on conversion.

+ Location based messaging is effective but not in the way most companies do it at the moment.

+ People have their preferred channels. Ignoring this trend leads to losses.

+ Depending on customers and usage the ROI varies, it could be conversion rate, open rate, response rate, reaction time, etc


You are attending MWC this year. Are companies finally embracing mobile ?

We are a horizontal solution and serve customers in markets as far apart as townships to chip manufacturers. Yet, the trends are similar when it comes to communications and we are seeing this at MWC and even at Launch Festival, where we are also present.

Businesses know the potential of mobile. The same way they know the potential for IoT. However, the disconnect is in the offering where most of the products out there are either not secured enough for business consumption, or require major shifts in business habits.

In our case, this is why we are focusing on being a middleware tool that can be integrated in an existing Information System.