With the constant stream of revelations about how the NSA and other national spying agencies are accessing data, coupled with how certain app manufacturers think that privacy stops where marketing revenue begins, it's normal to worry about what happens to your data once it makes its way to SmartNotify.

1) Let's start with something basic, yet important.

As the NSA leaks have shown, agencies can intercept communications at multiple layers so  no matter how much we love and care for your data, there are always some potential break points that fall outside of our control.


2) We do not accept, support, or grant access to anyone using our system to promote illegal activities.

If you do this, use us, and get busted, sorry but we won't cover for you.


3) We only collect the data we absolutely need and you are in control of it.

For example, if you use our mobile application and run into a bug (yes, it happens) we will collect your location and device info because it helps us fix the bug.  
However, it is still you who gets to decide whether to send us the bug or not. If you do -and we hope you do so we can enhance SmartNotify-  this data is then destroyed.


4) If you close your account, we delete all your data.

Period. No delay. it also means that once you close your account, you cannot come back and hope that we still have that email that Aunt Meg sent you years ago. it will be gone.


5) We do not sell your data.

We do not trade your data. We do not want outside people to have access to your data.


6) We value privacy.

if people start reporting you as a spammer, chances are you will not keep your account for long.


7) We audit access.

This means that you can better protect your data and see whom, within your organization, has accessed it.


8) We're humans.

If we made a terrible mistake, we will let you know right away and make it right.


9) Https.  

Yes, we use SSL encryption between browsers and also from the mobile all to our servers.


10) Database access.

The access to the database is restricted and, just to beat on the proverbial horse a tad more (looks like it still had a pulse), we do not scan the content of your messages. Which is why you will not see any ads on the site (or ads that miraculously fit the content of your messages.


11) Where are the servers?  

Unless you are on one of our premium-package customers, your data will be hosted in the US on secured servers at Microsoft and Amazon.

If you have any questions about our data usage, don't hesitate to ask us and we'll be happy to chat with you about it.