Smartnotify solution

Get the insights, analytics, and facts you need to better communicate with your audience.

Multi Channel Broadcasting center

Because the number and relevance of communication channels is constantly changing, we help you manage and route your communications on multiple channels in just one click, from a single interface.
Best of all, we can broadcast based on the best channel available to take all the guess-work out.
Mobile App (ours, yours, you decide!)
IoT and Connected Devices.

Smart Scheduling

Easily schedule your communications ahead. SmartNotify will not only remember the schedule but also suggest the most opportune times and channels to make sure your audience can act upon your message.
You can forward plan for:
Internet of Things

Smart Contacts

We support many import options so you can synch up your contacts.
Of course, we back-up the data and secure it so you do not have to worry about these steps.
Best of all we also provide you with multiple auto-clean up and warning options so that the information always stays fresh and relevant

Smart Settings

We're taking communication routing and broadcasting to the next level and give you the power to define how you and your team team should react when your audience starts responding.
Forwarding, delaying, queuing...pick from the options you want and also add a pinch of geolocation and geofencing to make sure your audience sees how responsive you are!

Unified communications

From the second you setup your account you can communicate via Email, SMS, Phone, Social, Mobile, IoT...
Just setup up your account and get going right away. No more messy setup or startup steps.


We give you real-time analytics on your communications' reach and results. Add our intelligent layer to the mix and you get a command and decision center so you can better evaluate where to spend your communication efforts.

Be international, at local rates

Get a local number in more than 40 countries and establish a local presence to strengthen your brand.
Your customers can call you local, they are going to love you for it!

API Power

Do you already have a CRM in place such as SalesForce, Sugar, or Microsoft Dynamics? Maybe you are already using several of Esri's technology (we partner with them!) Bottom line is that you should not have to change your systems and your habits to make SmartNotify work for you.
SmartNotify is available as an API so you can use all our functionality from the systems you love.
And if you are anInternet of Things maker or an app developer, you can embark our technology in your product to make them stand out from the crowd in just 10 lines of code.