When an emergency happens
you are no longer alone to keep your people safe and informed.

All our customers have a different definition of what an emergency is: It ranges from a power shut-down, all the way to a terrorist attack. What they all have in common is the need to keep people informed and safe during tense situations.
Regardless of the number of people involved, the location, or the time of day.
SmartNotify acts as their trusted digital assistant during those times.
Come find out how.

Anticipate risks

Being prepared is key to properly responding to a crisis.


The financial cost of a crisis goes beyond the direct expenses you will face.
Often forgotten are PR costs, sales-loss, business continuity, and HR credibility.

Use our tools to build a plan that fits your teams' needs and habits.

You can :

Have an up-to-date contact data store

Being able to always have fresh end-user contact information is critical to properly respond to an emergency. We make it simple for your team to onboard and keep their contact information fresh. This information will help you save lives.

Setup workflows

You can leverage our geo-based Workflow engine to determine how the assistant can automatically start to communicate with your teams when certain conditions apply (for example being in a given geographical area, or sending specifit keyworkds as part of a request.

Leverage external intelligence

Previsional data such as weather, flooding, earthquake alerts, traffic, satellite-comparison analysis, should be included in your workflows to help you anticipate the emergency rather than being a passive observer.

React faster

When every second counts, we step-in to help you gain time.

React faster to help people quicker.

You need to :

Centralize your dashboards

You are flooded with communication channels. Monitoring and managing each one of them is a waste of time when managing an emergency. We not only bring all these streams in one place, we also help you quickly sort and analyze the situation.

Focus on those in needs

No one has a staff large enough to help each team member individually. Using AI, context, and data, we help you zero-in on people who need help and those who need extra info. You are now more reactive and effective.


As soon as you start a convesation with your team, we automate your workflows and trigger intelligent procedures so that your people can be attended to faster


Save hours each time an emergency hits.
Run a smoother operation on a daily basis.

Protect your teams

Can you automatically manage data access during an emergency?


Most people do not think clearly during an emergency and sometimes, they are the ones who need to trigger an alert if they feel a looming danger. We help you help them stay informed and safe regardless of their location.

Protect your teams and keep them safe when they ask for help.

You can :

Simplify help requests

SMS, IoT Devices, Apps, Voice, gestures...we cover many technologies and tools people can use to ask for help without putting themselves in harm's way.

Geolocate for safety

Use our geodata technology (both outdoors and indoors) to precisely locate people. You will save a lot of time knowing whom to reach; and when.

Protect lone workers

Whether they are in remote locations with low connectivity or belong to more vulnerable groups , you need to make sure that everyone can access information simply and quickly. This is why we do not just broadcast on the usual channels but also communicate via text-to-voice, Alexa, and mobile.